Cuba Country Forecast Update

Public-sector Reforms Advance President Raúl Castro has confirmed his intention to launch a significant shakeup of the state sector by announcing a plan to ease hiring restrictions on small private businesses and to issue more permits for new private enterprises.  The announcement signaled plans Read Entire Entry

PRL Volume XXXII, Number 9 September 2010

BOTSWANA Fissures in the Regime President Ian Khama recently acknowledged what had been apparent for quite some time: The ruling BDP is troubled by internal divisions. Declaring his party to be “at war” with itself and that factional strife had reached an “unhealthy level,” but the Read Entire Entry

Michael Somare

Papua New Guinea: Chief or Prime Minister off-and-on since December 1975 Michael Somare was returned to power for a fifth time at the 2007 general election, after becoming the first prime minister since independence in 1975 to serve a full five-year term.  Somare has said he intends to retire Read Entire Entry


RISK ASSESSMENTS One Year Ahead Five Years Ahead Risk Category Year Ago Current 09/10 Worst Case Best Case Worst Case Best Case Political Risk 54.5 52.0 44.5 58.0 44.0 64.0 Financial Risk 47.0 48.0 44.0 48.5 39.5 49.5 Economic Risk 28.0 37.5 35.5 39.5 28.0 40.0 Composite Risk 64.8 68.8 62.0 73.0 55. Read Entire Entry