PRS likes a challenge. It informs what we do on a daily basis.

Our quant-driven models for assessing and forecasting political risk challenge commonly-held ideas about the restrictive nature of borders, and what political risk really means to business, investors, and the academic community.

While important, we provide our clientele with more than opinions. We deliver data that is predictive, that allows our clients to conduct business in a range of markets with confidence, and that enables our clients to take advantage of investment opportunities in a structured and tested way. PRS’ clients know this, and it is what has made PRS a valuable and unique entity in the political risk space for almost four decades.

Challenge also informs the people we hire at PRS. We believe in working with the brightest in their field, and cultivating and expanding their skills. We value those with an entrepreneurial mindset, the ability to build an enterprise, and to push the limits of their thinking about what a firm can do. PRS’ is forward-looking, and so are our employees.

PRS has always believed in a healthy work-life balance, diversity, and for their staff to be part of something larger than themselves.

PRS looks for individuals that are qualified and excel in the following fields:

  • Political risk and country risk, with the ability to translate political and economic events into investible actions across a range of asset classes
  • Computer analytics, machine learning, and information technology
  • Marketing and business development
  • Finance

What Can PRS Offer

  • A competitive compensation package that includes a retirement plan, full benefits, and a flexible work environment and location.
  • Between 17 and 32 paid time off days annually, depending on the time spent with the firm.
Begin the process of joining PRS by sending a curriculum vitae and supporting documents to
New positions will be posted as they arise, so check in with us often. There is a place for you with PRS.