The Gavea Foundation

The PRS Group understands the complexities of political risk and country risk.

For decades, we have analyzed its various dimensions across 140 countries and made it meaningful – and profitable – for businesses, investors, and for the academic community.

We also believe risk can be challenged and directed as a positive force in the lives of individuals and groups, providing the basis for growth. Discovering the tools necessary for this growth is key. GF serves as the basis for this relationship, and believes that macro-political events – those that are sufficiently powerful to affect change – can be harnessed, and the correct set of tools provided, to effect positive change. Gavea Foundation believes foremost that the tools of finance are invaluable: They give rise to the growth that is inherent to entrepreneurialism.

Under the leadership of Christopher McKee, The PRS Group’s Chief Executive, GF seeks to provide a clear link between macro-political trends, risk, finance, and growth. Christopher has been at the helm of The PRS Group since 2010 and has headed up the International Country Risk Guide (ICRG) since 2006. Prior to this time, Chris was a faculty member at the University of British Columbia, and a Private Sector Development specialist with the Canadian International Development Agency.

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How do we pursue these goals?

  • Facilitate access to the latest research in the fields of political risk, microfinance, financial modelling, and economic development.
  • Partner with leading academic institutions, NGOs, and private sector groups to facilitate GF’s mission.
  • Promote and support conferences and workshops devoted to the topics of political risk, finance and development, and entrepreneurialism.
  • Provide lectures, podcasts, webinars on the latest developments in this space.
Look for updates on the activities of GF and how you can be part of this exciting movement.

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