Israel – Trump a Gift that Keeps on Giving

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has much cause for concern, against the backdrop of a civil war raging in neighboring Syria, violent clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinian protesters along the border with Gaza, and the threat of indictment on corruption charges that continues to Read Entire Entry

Regional Political Risk Index

Below is our most recent Political Risk Index (PRI) Table ranked from low to high risk within each region listed. The PRI is the overall measure of risk for a given country, calculated by using all 17 risk components from the PRS Methodology including turmoil, financial transfer, direct investment, Read Entire Entry

Tunisia – Little Prospect of Progress on Reforms

Long-delayed municipal elections were finally held on May 6, and the results were a disaster for Nidaa Tounes, the party founded by President Beji Caid Essebsi, which won the 2014 parliamentary elections, but subsequently suffered a split that left it with fewer seats than Ennahda, its main Read Entire Entry

Guyana – Opposition Issues Threat

The relationship between President David Granger’s government and the opposition PPP-C continues to be characterized by a high level of tension. A series of oil discoveries announced over the past two years all but ensures that Guyana is on the cusp of a resource-powered economic windfall, the Read Entire Entry

Cameroon – Busy Election Year

Political risk is running high as the country prepares for presidential, legislative, and municipal elections that fall due this year, against a backdrop of separatist agitation in the mostly English-speaking North-West and South-West provinces. As in the case of the security threat posed by Read Entire Entry

Nicaragua – Ortega Miscalculates Badly

Since winning the presidency in 2006, Daniel Ortega has managed to fulfill promises to spend generously on social programs while still displaying the fiscal stability required to win the confidence of investors by maintaining a close relationship with the leftist government in Venezuela, a source Read Entire Entry

Belgium – Majority May Prove Elusive

The center-right governing coalition made up of Prime Minister Charles Michel’s Walloon MR and three Flemish parties are gearing up for local elections in October that will provide an early gauge of the bloc’s chances of maintaining majority status at a general election that is scheduled to be Read Entire Entry

El Salvador – Voters Tired of Existing Options

On March 4, voters cast ballots to fill the 84 seats in the national Legislative Assembly and 262 mayoral posts. President Salvador Sánchez Céren’s leftist FMLN was expected to sustain losses, but the damage was far more extensive than anticipated. The party’s seat total in the Legislative Read Entire Entry

Saudi Arabia – Aggressive Diplomacy Carries Risk

FORECASTS OF RISK TO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS   Turmoil Financial Transfer Direct Investment Export Market 18‑Month: High A- B A- Five‑Year: Moderate A- B B+   Years Real GDP Growth % Inflation % Current Account ($bn) 2013-2017(AVG) 2.3 1.9 28.77 2018(F) 1.6 3.4 22.40 2019-2023(F) 2.2 2.2 12.10 Read Entire Entry

Taiwan – No Good Options for Tsai on China

Premier William Lai’s approval rating has rebounded above the 50% mark, following a decline at the turn of the year triggered by the passage of controversial amendments to the labor code. However, support for President Tsai Ing-wen remains stuck below 35%, and a March poll revealed that more than Read Entire Entry