Anti-Corruption and Investment Climate Group

A predictable and transparent business and investment landscape is key to the security of capital and other resources.  Eradicating graft from public and commercial transactions also yields tangible benefits for all concerned, as it has been linked to better firm valuations, lower capital costs and bond yields, better equity returns, increased foreign direct investment, along with higher growth rates and improved standards of living.

In 2016, largely on the back of a number of studies linking the corruption data from the International County Risk Group (ICRG) to a range of economic and political phenomena, and in response to the interests of both anti-corruption agencies and to PRS clients, we created the Anti-Corruption and Investment Climate (ACIC) group.

ACIC is an extension of what PRS has been doing for the past 40 years: collecting and analyzing a plethora of data on corruption in the 140 countries covered by our analysts, and ensuring that the data works in concert with the other PRS risk scores, ratings, and epistemic forecasts published on a regular basis for our international clientele.

Researchers at the IMF have found our corruption data correlates strongly with several key pieces of economic growth.  Transparency International has received our data for the past 20 years and uses as part of its annual Corruption Perceptions Index.  The data speaks for itself: it’s the world’s finest.

For more information on the ACIC, feel free to contact us.

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