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Geopolitical risk is more dynamic than ever before, and permeates most aspects of business and investment, globally.

While the CREF/ICRG models have been shown to be sufficiently flexible in providing our clientele with insights and early warning signals, a more nuanced and time-sensitive approach is warranted.

The new Private Client Advantage (PCA) serves this purpose by providing clients with options ideally suited to their needs.

Comprising three tiers of client involvement, the PCA includes such items as weekly conference calls with Dr Christopher McKee, PRS’ Owner and CEO, to discuss the ratings and forecasts, proprietary, client-driven research, and select PRS publications, such as INVESTIR and the Political Risk Letter.

The Private Client Advantage (PCA) is one-of-a-kind.

This the firm’s elite service: clients receive insights into the ratings as they are happening and added insight into the risk metrics themselves, how they operate in conjunction with other metrics to produce our individual risk series.

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Client Advantage

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Includes an early delivery of ICRG data (mid-month), and the INVESTIR newsletter that highlights the changes and market implications of the ratings for that month and tradable actions. Tier One also includes a weekly conference call with Dr Christopher McKee, PRS’ CEO and Owner, and ICRG Chair, so that issues affecting geopolitical risk, and PRS’ ratings and forecasts, are understood clearly with defined future actions. Dr McKee is directly responsible for the ratings and supervises a network of analysts, globally.

All the benefits of Tier One, with deep discounts on select PRS risk products, from Country Reports to the internationally acclaimed Political Risk Letter. Tier Two includes a bi-weekly conference call with Dr McKee, similar in nature to the above, along with the option of face-to-face meetings in desired locales, and a succinct written synopsis of the risk topic(s) at hand.

The premier offering, Tier Three includes the items of the previous Tiers, with the choice of regular monthly meetings throughout the year, a weekly report on any aspect of geopolitical risk and PRS’ ratings that appeals to the client, along with the right to request additional time to consult with Dr McKee in the event of a risk event occurring in real time.

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“Christopher’s diverse and enduring presence in the geopolitical risk field has been instrumental in making the International Country Risk Guide one of the most authoritative and respected quant-driven risk and forecasting series globally.”

Dr. Nassar Abaalkhail

TChairman of the G20 Anti-corruption Working Group, Assistant to the President for International
Collaboration, Control and Anti-Corruption Authority, Saudi Arabia

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