Belgium Country Forecast Highlights

Election Yields Doubts Over the next five years, the PS is likely to emerge from the election required by 2014 in a weakened position, the government formed after the election will most likely be a center-right coalition including the Flemish and Walloon liberal and Christian democratic parties… Read Entire Entry

PRL Volume XXXII, Number 6 June 2010

ALGERIA Military Re-emerges After easily winning re-election in early 2009, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika seems to be losing some of his grip on power, especially since the re-emergence of military leaders on the public stage has raised concerns that a destabilizing power struggle could be in the Read Entire Entry

Countries That Might Face Conflict from Outside Sources

What governments are least likely to face conflicts stemming from outside sources any time soon? What governments are most likely to face geopolitical disputes, armed threats, border incursions, foreign-supported insurgency or full-scale warfare sometime soon? Bahamas Somalia Malta Korea, DPR Read Entire Entry

United States Country Update

MOST LIKELY REGIMES AND THEIR PROBABILITIES 18‑Month: *Divided Government 50% Five‑Year: *Divided Government 55% (more…) Read Entire Entry