Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ)

The far-right party made significant gains at the September 2008 elections, boosting its seat total to 38 seats. Its strong showing at the European elections held in June 2009 and subsequent state and local elections suggests that the FPÖ would make further gains in the event of an early election. Read Entire Entry


RISK ASSESSMENTS One Year Ahead Five Years Ahead Risk Category Year Ago Current 11/10 Worst Case Best Case Worst Case Best Case Political Risk 64.0 64.5 59.0 68.5 57.5 75.5 Financial Risk 36.0 41.0 37.0 41.0 30.5 42.0 Economic Risk 32.0 41.5 38.5 41.0 32.0 42.5 Composite Risk 66.0 73.5 67.3 75.3 60. Read Entire Entry

PRL Volume XXXII, Number 10 October 2010

CONGO DR Elections Set for 2011 The second round of presidential and legislative elections since the six-year civil war ended in 2003 is scheduled for November 2011. President Joseph Kabila is favored to win another term, as he will be able to exploit the financial and institutional advantages of Read Entire Entry