Political Players in Colombia

Juan Manuel Santos:  The candidate of the center-right Partido de la U romped to victory in a run-off presidential contest held in June 2010, easily defeating his Green rival on the strength of a pledge to build upon the security and economic advances achieved by his predecessor, Alvaro Uribe.  Read Entire Entry

Venezuela: Succession Uncertainty

RISK ASSESSMENTS       One Year Ahead Five Years Ahead Risk Category Year Ago Current 11/12 Worst Case Best Case Worst Case Best Case Political Risk 47.0 48.0 42.5 55.0 44.0 61.0 Financial Risk 44.0 43.0 37.5 45.5 31.5 46.5 Economic Risk 33.5 31.5 30.5 33.5 24.0 35.0 Composite Risk 62.3 61.3 Read Entire Entry