Italian Voters Create Uncertainty for Business and Investment

Italian voters' rejection of the austerity program carried out by the technocrat administration may deliver one of several options: a Grand Coalition catering to all political tastes, a minority center-left administration or a bridging of the Bersani-Berlusconi divide. In either case, a feisty and Read Entire Entry

France Country Update

MOST LIKELY REGIMES AND THEIR PROBABILITIES 18-Month: Center-Left Coalition 50% Five-Year: *Divided Government 45% FORECASTS OF RISK TO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Turmoil Financial Transfer Direct Investment Export Market 18-Month: Low B (B+) B+ A- Five-Year: Low B (B+) B B ( ) Indicates change in Read Entire Entry

Greece: On the Right Path, but Obstacles Remain

The lack of political will, combined with limited resources, means Greece’s government is failing to get to grips with its deficit and debt reduction program as efficiently as it would otherwise, thus undermining its credibility and perpetuating the risk of ultimate failure. The deficit situation Read Entire Entry

Players to Watch in Egypt

Mohamed Morsi: A leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood and the founding chairman of the FJP, Morsi won the presidency in a run-off election held in June 2012 with 51.7% of the vote. Constitutional amendments decreed by the military junta shortly before the presidential elections concentrated Read Entire Entry