Venezuela: Maduro’s Troubles Mount

VENEZUELA RISK ASSESSMENTS       One Year Ahead Five Years Ahead Risk Category Year Ago Current 09/14 Worst Case Best Case Worst Case Best Case Political Risk 44.5 44.5 41.5 54.0 43.5 61.0 Financial Risk 35.5 42.5 35.5 43.5 28.5 44.0 Economic Risk 28.5 22.5 22.0 24.0 21.5 32.0 Composite Risk Read Entire Entry

Political Players in Belgium

Nationalist Parties: The N-VA, which contested the 2007 elections in an alliance with the CD&V, emerged as a force to be reckoned with in 2010, winning 27 seats at the June elections (a gain of 21 seats). However, N-VA leader Bart de Wever’s declaration that his party’s demand for political Read Entire Entry


Disappointment Already Evident A multi-stage federal election was held in April–May 2014, and it was widely assumed that the main opposition BJP would emerge in a strong position to pull together a coalition government. However, boosted by strong support for its prime ministerial candidate, Read Entire Entry