Singapore – PAP Gearing up for Election

The PAP government is displaying signs of making preparations for campaigning, fueling speculation that an election might be held earlier than the May 2016 deadline. Regardless of when the election is held, the outcome is not seriously in doubt. The PAP has governed without interruption since 1965, Read Entire Entry

Libya – A Country Divided

Libya is on a rapid descent to becoming a failed state embroiled in an all-out civil war. On the one side is the internationally recognized government of Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni, which is based in the eastern city of Tobruk, which claims the backing of secular and liberal political Read Entire Entry

United Kingdom – Unwelcome Uncertainty

The parliamentary election scheduled for May 2015 figures to be one of the most interesting, and most uncertain for investors, in living memory. The incumbent coalition of the Conservatives and the Lib-Dems has achieved much of what it set out to do, reversing a spike in the sovereign debt burden Read Entire Entry

Mexico – Security Lapses Overshadow Reform Successes

The disappearance and presumed murder of 43 college students in the state of Guerrero, allegedly facilitated by police and state officials working with organized crime gangs, has become almost the singular focus of public attention over the last several weeks. The scandal has confirmed the worst Read Entire Entry

Russia – Putin’s Options Narrowing

A steep fall in global oil prices has reinforced strong downward pressure on the ruble, which was triggered earlier in the year by massive outflows of foreign capital in response to sanctions imposed by the US, the EU, and other western countries to punish Russia for the annexation of Crimea and Read Entire Entry