Chile Political Players

Michele Bachelet: The former president won another four-year term in the top office at a run-off election held in December 2013, and took office in March 2014. Her campaign platform included promises to address wealth inequality, specifically by establishing a basis for all Chileans to receive a Read Entire Entry

China – Risks Will Increase as Economy Slows

The crackdown on high-level corruption that has characterized Xi Jinping’s presidency has continued in recent months, as the ruling CCP takes steps to address a major contributor to popular discontent, while also providing Xi with an opportunity to purge rivals and consolidate his own position. Read Entire Entry

Guinea – Unresolved Disputes Cloud Outlook

Political risk seems certain to escalate this year, as the government moves ahead with plans to hold a presidential election, despite the obstacles posed by the Ebola crisis and the failure of a dialogue between the government and opposition groups to produce an agreement on the ground rules for Read Entire Entry