Angola Political Players

José Eduardo dos Santos: The president maintains a firm hold on power and favors foreign participation in the economy, but he has shown reluctance to pursue the fiscal reforms required to support long-term economic stability. The overwhelming victory of his MPLA in legislative elections held in Read Entire Entry

El Salvador – Elections Reinforce Political Divisions

The fractured nature of El Salvador’s electorate was made apparent once again in the results of legislative elections held in March. After very narrowly losing the presidential election held in March 2014, the conservative Arena retained its position as the largest party in the 84-member Read Entire Entry

Ireland – Government Cannot Rest on Its Laurels

The economy is growing at a vigorous pace following a prolonged period of decline, but popular support for Prime Minister Enda Kenny’s Fine Gael and its coalition partner, the Labour Party, has not rebounded to a degree that creates a realistic possibility that the partnership might be sustained Read Entire Entry

Turkey – Election Result Points to High Risk of Protracted Instability

FORECASTS OF RISK TO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Turmoil Financial Transfer Direct Investment Export Market 18‑Month: Moderate B- B+ B Five‑Year: Moderate C B- C+ KEY ECONOMIC FORECASTS Years Real GDP Growth % Inflation % Current Account ($bn) 2010-2014(AVG) 5.4 7.9 -55.89 2015(F) 3.0 7.9 -39.30 Read Entire Entry

United Kingdom – Unexpected Majority Lifts Confidence

In a result that can fairly be characterized as shocking, Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party won an outright majority of seats at parliamentary elections held on May 7, a result that has left the country’s pollsters scrambling to identify the flaws in their models. Ed Miliband, Read Entire Entry

Saudi Arabia – Next Generation Poised to Lead

The death of King Abdullah on January 23 came at a time when the risk of political instability in the Saudi kingdom had already been heightened by a combination of plummeting global oil prices and the security threats posed by Sunni Islamic militants and an Iranian-backed Shia insurgency in Read Entire Entry