Slovakia – Coalition Options Uncertain

FORECASTS OF RISK TO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Turmoil Financial Transfer Direct Investment Export Market 18-Month: Low A- A- A- Five-Year: Low A- A- B+ KEY ECONOMIC FORECASTS Years Real GDP Growth % Inflation % Current Account ($bn) 2010-2014(AVG) 2.6 2.0 -0.66 2015(F) 2.9 0.2 -1.20 2016-2020(F) 2.7 Read Entire Entry

Portugal – Increased Policy Uncertainty

A general election scheduled for October looks to become a referendum on the austerity policies implemented by Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho’s center-right government. The main governing PSD and its smaller coalition partner, the CDS-PP, will contest the elections together, and their Read Entire Entry

Poland – New Party Alters Electoral Landscape

Since 2010, the center-right PO has controlled both the government and the presidency, creating a basis for a fairly stable political climate. However, the unexpected victory of Andrzej Duda, the candidate of the main opposition PiS, in the presidential run-off election held on May 24 has created Read Entire Entry

Oman – Qaboos’ Return Fails to Curb Speculation

Sultan Qaboos returned home in March, following an eight-month stay in Germany for treatment of an undisclosed medical problem. The uncertainty surrounding the health of the sultan, who has ruled with absolute power since 1970 and has no biological heir, contributed to understandable anxiety in Read Entire Entry