Haiti – No End to Dysfunction

MOST LIKELY REGIMES AND THEIR PROBABILITIES 18-Month: Divided Government 65% (45%) Five-Year: Divided Government 45% (40%) FORECASTS OF RISK TO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS   Turmoil Financial Transfer Direct Investment Export Market 18-Month: High B- B- C+ Five-Year: High C+ (B-) C+ (B-) C+(B-) ( ) Read Entire Entry

Kuwait – Government Pushes Reforms

The government has unveiled a package of economic reforms in mid-March that is a direct response to a protracted slump in global oil prices, which has put pressure on the state budget and heightened the risk of domestic dissent. Key proposals include a 10% tax on corporate profits and deep cuts to Read Entire Entry

Iran Political Players

Ali Khamenei:  The supreme religious leader wields veto powers that make him the ultimate authority on all political matters, and he also exerts direct control over key branches of the security services.  Khamenei’s influence has rested on his ability to play the role of impartial mediator in Read Entire Entry