South Korea – Danger of Gridlock

The governing NFP suffered a serious setback at legislative elections held on April 13, not only losing its majority in the 300-member National Assembly, but also losing its status as the largest party, which has been claimed by the liberal MPK, which won a total of 123 seats, one more than the NFP. Read Entire Entry

United Kingdom – Unprecedented Uncertainty

On June 23, British voters went to the polls to decide whether the UK will remain a member of the EU, and, against expectations, a comfortable majority voted to leave the bloc. Although polls indicated that the result would be close, market behavior ahead of the vote indicated that investors were Read Entire Entry

France – Next out the EU Door?

With the next presidential election now less than a year away, the country remains under a state of emergency, a legacy of the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris late last year, and a renewed bout of union militancy underscores the degree to which President François Hollande’s Socialist Read Entire Entry