Brazil – New Regime Must Act Quickly

Brazil has been weathering its political and economic crises about as well as might be expected since President Dilma Rousseff was suspended from office in May. The interim government headed by her vice president, Michel Temer, has managed to pull together a majority coalition in the Congress, and Read Entire Entry

Congo DR – Election Delay Will Stoke Tensions

The opposition parties have long alleged that the country’s term-limited incumbent president, Joseph Kabila, will employ all means at his disposal to extend his tenure, which began in 2001. The country’s top court ruled in May that Kabila will will retain the constitutional powers of his office Read Entire Entry

Cuba – Castro Cautious as Economy Weakens

A program of economic liberalization initiated by President Raúl Castro with the aim of establishing a solid foundation for long-term economic stability ahead of a planned transfer of power to a younger generation of leaders in 2018 has made substantial, if uneven, progress in recent years, Read Entire Entry

Did You Know?

ICRG’s risk metrics in the category “Investment Profile” were used to test the impact of public capital (state funds) on growth in 52 developing countries. Researchers in the IMF's Fiscal Affairs Department and Strategy, Policy, and Review Department used our risk indicators to measure a Read Entire Entry

Romania – Race to the Wire

Legislative elections will take place in November, and recent polls suggest that the center-left PSD is making a comeback following the departure of its corruption-tainted former leader, Victor Ponta, who resigned as prime minister in November 2015. Earlier in the year, the center-right PNL Read Entire Entry