Mexico – Anti-US Sentiment a Boon for AMLO

President Enrique Peña Nieto is about to enter the final year of his term, and with his abysmal approval rating severely limiting his potential to make a lasting mark during his remaining time in office, the attention of the electorate has turned to the 2018 presidential election. Among Peña Read Entire Entry

Brazil Flash Forecast

Temer Survives, for Now In early August, the lower house of the Brazilian legislature held a vote on whether to permit President Michel Temer to be tried before the Supreme Court on corruption charges.  The motion, which required a two-thirds majority for approval, was easily defeated, preventing Read Entire Entry

Egypt – Sisi Facing Headwinds

The legal battle over a deal reached between President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and the government of Saudi Arabia that conditions the delivery of some $24 billion in financial aid and investment to the Cairo government on the transfer of control of two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia appears to have Read Entire Entry

Russia – Putin Planning for Future

President Vladimir Putin has given no indication that he plans to surrender control of the political empire he has built over nearly 20 years, and given the absence of any evidence that a successor from within the United Russia camp is being groomed to step up in 2018, there is every reason to Read Entire Entry

Venezuela – Political Crisis Approaching a Climax

The breakdown of the constitutional order has proceeded apace in Venezuela, as President Nicolás Maduro continues to exploit his control of the judiciary and the electoral apparatus to thwart efforts by the opposition majority in the National Assembly to use all legal means at its disposal to Read Entire Entry

Haiti – A Working Government, but for How Long?

A partial round of legislative elections was held in late January, and the official results were confirmed shortly before the country’s new president, Jovenal Moïse, was sworn into office for a five-year term in early February. The completion of the last round of voting marked the culmination of Read Entire Entry