Philippines – Duterte Popular as Economy Thrives

On December 10, Fitch raised the Philippines’ sovereign credit rating from BBB- to the higher investment grade of BBB, in line with the assessment of Standard and Poor’s, and a notch above Moody’s. Government officials pointed to the move as a vote of confidence in the pro-growth economic Read Entire Entry

Nicaragua – Sanctions Threat

Municipal elections were held on November 5, and, to the surprise of no one, the result was another landslide victory for the ruling FSLN. However, the opposition’s claims of vote-rigging and the government’s heavy-handed response to the related post-election unrest increase the likelihood that Read Entire Entry

South Korea – President Meeting Challenges

Moon Jae-in won an early presidential election held in May on the strength of a platform that included promises to rein in the power of the country’s large family-run corporations (chaebol) and to increase government transparency, issues that assumed great importance for voters in the wake of a Read Entire Entry

Sudan – Bashir’s Political Efforts Rewarded

Efforts by President Omar Hassan al-Bashir to bring a lasting peace to war-torn Sudan have made great strides since the start of the year, most notably through the formation of a government of national consensus (GNC) that includes Bashir’s NCP and opposition groups that have taken part in a Read Entire Entry