Vietnam – Factional Tensions Persist

In early March, one of the highest-ranking members of the CPV secretariat, Dinh The Huynh, resigned from his post, citing health issues. He was immediately replaced by Tran Quoc Vuong, and the smoothness of the transition highlights the significant stability within the upper echelon of the party Read Entire Entry

Brazil – Voters’ Disgust Will Benefit Outsiders

The political fallout from Brazil’s massive corruption scandal has not dissipated, and voters continue to consume a regular diet of news of prominent figures nabbed for illicit enrichment. At the same time, rising insecurity, underscored by a record-breaking homicide rate, is taking a toll not Read Entire Entry

Iran – US Ramps up Pressure

Relations between the US and Iran took a significant turn for the worse in May, when President Donald Trump formally made good on his threat to renounce his government’s obligation to honor the terms of the 2015 agreement between Iran and the so-called P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Read Entire Entry

Coming Soon in Our September 2018 Political Risk Reports

This month’s coverage of the Americas includes a fully revised political risk report on Argentina, where the centrist coalition government headed by President Mauricio Macri was forced to seek emergency lending from the IMF amid a steep slide in the currency that has sent inflation soaring.  The Read Entire Entry