Saudi Arabia – Fiscal Sustainability in Focus

The COVID-19 numbers have ticked upward in May, but the daily figures for both cases and deaths remain far below the peak levels reached early in the year and appear to have stabilized. With the health threat seemingly under control and a national vaccination program proceeding at a rapid pace, Read Entire Entry

Haiti – Crisis Deepening

Haiti is once again mired in a political crisis, with President Jovenel Moïse governing by decree in the absence of a sitting legislature, and the opposition insisting that Moïse’s mandate expired on February 7, a position supported by many legal experts. For his part, Moïse contends that his Read Entire Entry

Guyana – Political Risks in Check, for Now

It is now eight months since President Mohammed Irfaan Ali took office, ending a protracted political crisis sustained by the recognition that whoever claimed victory in last year’s election would inherit an oil-powered economic boom and a massive financial windfall, both of which would position Read Entire Entry

Italy – Reform Plan Faces Daunting Obstacles

The success or failure of Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s post-pandemic recovery plan will have a significant impact on political and economic stability over the medium term. Backed by EU loans and grants from the bloc’s recovery fund, the $315 billion blueprint for restarting the economy targets Read Entire Entry

INVESTIR – February 2021 Edition

The February 2021 edition of INVESTIR: Insights from the International Country Risk Guide is now available.  Possible fuel price intervention in Brazil; Belarus tightens the screws on dissent; Draghi enjoys considerable popular/legislative support (for now); elections and cabinet choices in Cote Read Entire Entry

Australia – Crisis Response Boosts Morrison

The center-right government made up of the LP, the NP, and their state counterparts in Queensland and the Northern Territory got off to a rocky start following an unexpected win at the federal elections held in May 2019, but the health crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic has provided an Read Entire Entry

INVESTIR – January 2021 Edition

The January 2021 edition of INVESTIR: Insights from the International Country Risk Guide is now available. Chile purchases USD; Peru’s forthcoming election; Russian protests; a tactical move by Italy’s Conte; security forces win in Uganda; instability in Malaysia and Mongolia; heightened Read Entire Entry

Portugal – Novo Banco Standoff Highlights Risks

Relations between the government and the further-left parties on whose support Prime Minister Antonio Costa depends for a parliamentary majority have become testy amid the social and economic strains arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Ostensibly, the Socialist government is still in a strong Read Entire Entry

Ecuador – Not out of the Woods Yet

The second half of 2020 has produced some noteworthy political victories for President Lenin Moreno, whose government has managed to pull Ecuador back from the precipice of sovereign default on which the country stood after losing access to IMF loans and incurring a significant loss of oil income, Read Entire Entry

INVESTIR – December 2020 Edition

The December 2020 edition of INVESTIR: Insights from the International Country Risk Guide is now available. Opposition side-lined in Nicaragua; Azerbaijan's president gets a boost; Italy's confidence votes; post-election happenings in Cote d'Ivoire; a rosy outlook for Australia; and political risk Read Entire Entry