France – Macron’s Woes Mount

Although there is little imminent risk of Emmanuel Macron feeling compelled to call a snap election before the expiration of the Parliament’s five-year term in 2022, political headwinds are strengthening as France faces (more…) Read Entire Entry

Vietnam – Steady Course Ahead of Succession

Although Vietnam has thus far weathered the COVID-19 health crisis with limited loss of life, a surge of infections in Da Nang in July highlighted the dangers of complacency at a time when the ruling CPV is preparing for a change of leadership (more…) Read Entire Entry

INVESTIR – September 2020 Edition

The September 2020 edition of INVESTIR: Insights from the International Country Risk Guide is now available. From currency controls in Argentina, to Italy’s plebiscite; almost war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, to Zimbabwe’s FX regime; democratic sentiment in Indonesia, to Lebanon’s Read Entire Entry

India – Controversies Sustain Modi’s Popularity

More than 15 months after leading his BJP and its allies in the NDA to a second landslide victory at the May 2019 elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to enjoy strong popularity, despite ample grounds for criticizing the government’s management of the COVID-19 crisis. Although there Read Entire Entry

Hong Kong – Risks Rise as Beijing Stirs Controversy

Public protests by students and other pro-democracy activists triggered by a controversial extradition bill subsided for the most part in early 2020 as democracy activists adhered to social-distancing rules aimed at containing the spread of COVID-19. However, the pro-Beijing regime headed by Read Entire Entry

INVESTIR – August 2020 Edition

The August 2020 edition of INVESTIR: Insights from the International Country Risk Guide is now available.  From Canada’s suspended parliament to Guyana’s election resolution; Moscow’s next move in Belarus to political change in Bulgaria. The implications of Mali’s coup to elections in Cote Read Entire Entry

Australia – Morrison Secure, for Now

Although there is little to suggest that the incumbent Liberal-National government might be toppled from office before the completion of the current three-year term in 2022, Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s administration faces fresh challenges (more…) Read Entire Entry

INVESTIR – July 2020 Edition

The July 2020 edition of INVESTIR: Insights from the International Country Risk Guide is now available.  From growing uncertainties in the US to Guyana’s electoral impasse; EU stimulus provides a boost to much of Europe and the euro, and confidence improves in the UK. Cameroon’s peace talks Read Entire Entry

Taiwan – Beijing Threat Looms Large

As pre-election polls indicated would be the case, incumbent President Tsai Ing-wen won a second four-year term at the presidential contest held in January, taking 57.1% of the vote, compared to just 38.6% for Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu, the candidate of the KMT. Tsai’s nominally pro-independence Read Entire Entry

Chinese Relations Sour with the US and UK

Chinese relations sour with the US and UK; and border tensions with India mount. The country's ICRG risk ranking slides (yoy). Inflation is a concern; and a large fiscal hole will make budget cuts politically difficult. For more Insights like these from ICRG read the latest edition of INVESTIR: Read Entire Entry