Peru – Leftist Agenda Faces Roadblocks

Pedro Castillo, the candidate of the leftist Free Peru, eked out a victory over his far-right opponent, Keiko Fujimori, in a presidential run-off election held in early June. Fujimori challenged the result, alleging fraud, but the official tally confirmed Castillo’s victory. The leader of the Read Entire Entry

INVESTIR – September 2021 Edition

The September 2021 edition of INVESTIR: Insights from the International Country Risk Guide is now available. Bahamas’ sizable debt load; bitcoin protests in El Salvador; coalition negotiations in Germany; Russia’s questionable election; Guinea’s military junta promises a vote; political Read Entire Entry

Azerbaijan – Simmering Tensions

It is now more than nine months on since Russia brokered a truce that halted a six-week mini-war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. While the presence of some 2,000 Russian peacekeepers has helped to prevent a renewed eruption of widespread conflict, little progress has been made toward hammering out Read Entire Entry

Sweden – Re-formed Government Still Fragile

The center-left government headed by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s SAP was toppled from office by a confidence vote in June, as the Left Party, one of three parties keeping the minority administration in power, withdrew its support to protest plans to ease rent controls as a means of addressing Read Entire Entry

Kuwait – Power Struggle Grinds On

The prolonged power struggle between the royally appointed government and popularly elected lawmakers who are intent on making all state ministers, including members of the ruling Al Sabah clan, more accountable to the Parliament shows no sign of abating, despite both a change of rulers in late Read Entire Entry

Philippines – Pressure to Boost Investment

Voters will go to the polls for presidential and legislative elections in May 2022, and President Rodrigo Duterte is burnishing his populist and nationalist credentials with the aim of maximizing public support for a presidential bid by his daughter Sara. Duterte has gained notoriety for using his Read Entire Entry

Saudi Arabia – Fiscal Sustainability in Focus

The COVID-19 numbers have ticked upward in May, but the daily figures for both cases and deaths remain far below the peak levels reached early in the year and appear to have stabilized. With the health threat seemingly under control and a national vaccination program proceeding at a rapid pace, Read Entire Entry

Haiti – Crisis Deepening

Haiti is once again mired in a political crisis, with President Jovenel Moïse governing by decree in the absence of a sitting legislature, and the opposition insisting that Moïse’s mandate expired on February 7, a position supported by many legal experts. For his part, Moïse contends that his Read Entire Entry

Guyana – Political Risks in Check, for Now

It is now eight months since President Mohammed Irfaan Ali took office, ending a protracted political crisis sustained by the recognition that whoever claimed victory in last year’s election would inherit an oil-powered economic boom and a massive financial windfall, both of which would position Read Entire Entry

Italy – Reform Plan Faces Daunting Obstacles

The success or failure of Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s post-pandemic recovery plan will have a significant impact on political and economic stability over the medium term. Backed by EU loans and grants from the bloc’s recovery fund, the $315 billion blueprint for restarting the economy targets Read Entire Entry