PRS Artificial Intelligence Initiative

For over 40 years, The PRS Group has been the trusted source for reliable, independently back-tested quant-driven political and country risk forecasts and ratings. Not surprisingly, the firm’s clientele is comprised of the world’s largest institutional investors, trans-national firms, and leading research scientists.

Now, as the first of its kind, PRS has partnered with Queen’s University (Canada) and a range of data scientists throughout North America and Asia to explore machine and deep learning applications. Click here to learn about our MOU with Queen’s University.

The goal is to interface PRS’ independently-acclaimed risk data series with the latest computer analytics applications. The process is client-driven. Initial results have been insightful. See Forecasting an Innovative Partnership

Among the early findings:

  • PRS’ (ICRG) composite risk scores to 140 countries – which have been shown to have significant correlations with equity and bond prices – were brought forward one-year with an 80% accuracy rate;
  • Significant country ‘clusters’ were uncovered, providing new insights into the ‘push/pull’ factors behind political risk and, by extension, the ability to uncover new research findings and to develop enhanced risk mitigation techniques; and
  • Correlations between risk metrics were established, offering a better understanding of the behavior and interplay between qualitative and quantitative factors.

Anchoring the data series is PRS’ CountryData Online – the most comprehensive political and country risk data series globally – one that generates some 100,000 new data points annually, spanning nearly forty years!

Call or email to discuss how the new Initiative can benefit your organization, research interests, or investment stratagems.

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