2021 Publication Schedule

PRS/ICRG maintains a regular publication calendar for its country forecasts, data, and analyses. The timetable below is for 2021 but may be adjusted as events and client demands dictate. If a change occurs, the schedule will be updated.

January to March 2021 April to June 2021 July to September 2021 October to December 2021
Argentina Algeria Argentina Algeria
Australia Angola Australia Angola
Austria Bangladesh Austria Bangladesh
Azerbaijan Belgium Azerbaijan Belgium
Brazil Bolivia Botswana Bolivia
Canada Botswana Brazil Bulgaria
Chile Bulgaria Canada Cameroon
China Cameroon Chile Congo
Colombia Congo China Czech Republic
Congo DR Czech Republic Colombia Denmark
Costa Rica Denmark Congo DR Dominican Republic
Cote d’Ivoire Dominican Republic Costa Rica Ecuador
Cuba Ecuador Cote d’Ivoire El Salvador
Egypt El Salvador Cuba Finland
France Finland Egypt Gabon
Germany Gabon France Guatemala
Ghana Guatemala Germany Guinea
Greece Guyana Ghana Guyana
Guinea Haiti Greece Haiti
Honduras Indonesia Guinea Indonesia
Hong Kong Iraq Honduras Iraq
Hungary Ireland Hong Kong Ireland
India Italy Hungary Italy
Iran Jamaica India Jamaica
Israel Kazakhstan Iran Libya
Japan Libya Israel Malaysia
Kazakhstan Malaysia Japan Morocco
Kenya Morocco Kenya Myanmar
Kuwait Myanmar Kuwait Netherlands
Mexico Netherlands Mexico New Zealand
Pakistan New Zealand Pakistan Nicaragua
Paraguay Nicaragua Paraguay Nigeria
Peru Nigeria Peru Norway
Philippines Norway Philippines Oman
Poland Oman Poland Panama
Romania Panama Romania Papua New Guinea
Slovakia Papua New Guinea Slovakia Portugal
South Africa Portugal South Africa Russia
South Korea Russia South Korea Saudi Arabia
Spain Saudi Arabia Spain Singapore
Sudan Singapore Sudan Sri Lanka
Suriname Sri Lanka Suriname Taiwan
Sweden Taiwan Sweden Thailand
Switzerland Thailand Switzerland Trinidad & Tobago
Syria Trinidad & Tobago Syria Tunisia
Turkey Tunisia Thailand Turkey
UAE Ukraine Turkey Ukraine
United Kingdom United States UAE United States
Venezuela Uruguay Venezuela Uruguay
Vietnam Zimbabwe Vietnam Zimbabwe
Zambia Zambia

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