Satellite Data Analysis Group

PRS has now embarked into the fields of remote sensing & image processing, spatial data analysis, and geographic information system (GIS) mapping!

For many of our clients – especially those that wish to have an up-close view of a range of events on the ground, from protests to troop and militia movements – we can now capture those images and detect changes of those features from a time series of satellite images. Combine this with our forecasts and forward-looking ratings and data, and you have an explosive combination.

The time series images can also be used to check the impact of natural or human-made disasters. We can also look at the patterns shown on the image as an indicator of poverty and social turmoil.

With day and evening images we can also look at the economic development level of a region, as well as those items of increasing importance to political risk levels, including air pollution, and large-scale water and environmental contaminations.

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