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Banking Crisis and Political Risk: What’s the Connection?

geopolitical risk ratings firm.

Given recent issues and concerns about the banking sector, it’s instructive to disentangle some of the root causes – which, in some cases, are not as apparent as they might seem at first.  It’s also worthwhile to look beyond the problems facing banks in developed market countries.

Below is a selection of IMF, NBER, and Bank of Canada working papers that deal with a range of topics affecting the banking sector and overall financial fragility using our ICRG risk metrics and data series.

Political booms – measured by the rise in governments’ popularity – predict financial crises above and beyond other, better-known, warning indicators:


Whether rising conflict and political instability globally over the past several decades led to increased occurrence of banking crises in developing countries.


The role of governance mechanisms as a means of reducing financial fragility



The PRS Group: Challenging Borders, Challenging Risk


Moving beyond current opinions, a seasoned look into the most pressing issues affecting geopolitical risk today.


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