Quid Periculum?

Measuring & Managing Political Risk in the Age of Uncertainty

Brexit, Trump, COVID-19…What’s next for political risk?

There has never been a more volatile and uncertain time in recent history. As COVID-19 has reminded us, the interconnectedness of the global economy has made political risk analysis vastly more complex. Quant-driven methods have become increasingly ubiquitous, but what does the future hold for the practice in the face of new and emerging challenges?

In Quid Periculum, long-time political risk experts Christopher McKee and Peter Marber present proven and pragmatic approaches to understanding our brave new world – from forecasting techniques and reliability measures, to empirical findings affecting asset prices – from some of the field’s cutting edge thought leaders. With an academician’s eye and a practitioner’s mindset, Quid Periculum is the 6th in a series of handbooks on political risk published by PRS. Truly a unique blend of scholarly and applied efforts, and a distinctive contribution to the field’s expanding literature.

Early Praise for McKee and Marber:

“[McKee’s PRS Group is the world’s] leading investment risk company.”
— Jim Rogers, bestselling author of Adventure Capitalist and Investment Biker

“If you want to understand globalization’s future, as well as some of the reasons we got into our current financial mess, reading Marber’s Seeing the Elephant is a great place to start.”
— Craig Karmin, Wall Street Journal

“[Peter Marber’s] Money Changes Everything is an outstanding primer on the awesome social effects of globalization.”
— David Brooks, New York Times

Christopher McKee is an international political economist, global investor, entrepreneur, author, publisher, and CEO and Owner of The PRS Group, the world’s leading quant-driven political and country risk rating and forecasting firm.  Since 2006, he has led the internationally acclaimed International Country Risk Guide (ICRG). A former faculty member at the University of British Columbia and recognized internationally as an authority in political risk assessment, Chris has addressed client groups from the GE to the G20, from Cairo to Riyadh.

Peter Marber is an award-winning money manager, writer, and teacher specializing in globalization, human capital and emerging markets.  Since 1987, Marber has invested billions of dollars for many of the world’s largest corporations and financial groups.  A faculty member at Harvard and Johns Hopkins, he has authored more than 100 articles and columns on international finance and published six books.



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