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Beginning in 1980 as International Reports, a
well-known emerging markets newsletter, the
International Country Risk Guide (ICRG) has
become the world’s ‘most authoritative,’ quant-
driven geopolitical risk rating and forecasting

Now covering 141 developed, emerging, frontier countries and offshore financial centers, ICRG presents monthly political, economic, financial and composite risk ratings and forecasts.

From risks presented by government instability, the threat of asset expropriation, transfer and payment delays, to forms of internal conflict, terrorism, and corruption, ICRG has been labelled ‘a vital source for managing and advising investment funds that focus on volatile countries, both emerging and developed.’

geopolitical risk ratings firm

Monthly updates include 27 tables of economic and financial data affecting metrics most relevant to assessing the risk to commercial assets and related items. From growth, to inflation, to current account and fiscal balances; from external debt/GDP, debt servicing to exports, liquidity and currency stability.

Used by the world’s largest institutional investors, multilateral organizations, transnational firms, central banks, and sovereign wealth funds, ICRG is also the most widely used source of risk data by universities throughout the world.

Indeed, the publication list in scholarly and trade journals using ICRG is unparalleled, with findings no other geopolitical risk firm can match.

Traders and portfolio managers, with trillions in assets under management, use ICRG’s ratings and risk metrics to allocate country exposure as the data have been shown to be predictive of equity market returns. Transnational firms and others use ICRG for risk management given its predictive capacity for future risk events.

The ICRG is a proven early warning system.

Moreover, ICRG is the only political risk methodology and data series to be accepted by the courts in commercial disputes involving the valuation of political risk.

ICRG remains one of a dozen firms, worldwide, to supply Transparency International (TI) with corruption scores that help inform the organization’s annual Corruption Perceptions Index. Our data partnership with TI dates some 20 years.

Purchase a Subscription

Purchasing a subscription to ICRG provides
access to the current month’s ICRG data, as well
as 12-months of back data.

Additionally, you will receive access to written analysis for all 141 countries covered by the ICRG. These written analysis include a summary of the current political, economic, and financial state of the country, and are an obvious compliment to the ICRG data.

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the economist

“The selection of the ICRG as the institutional proxy reflected, both its wider cross-country and time-series coverage as well as its broader range of relevant institutional indicators.”

L Cubeddu, et al.

"The External Balance Assessment Methodology: 2018 Update," IMF Working Paper (19/65), Mar 2019.


Jim Rogers

Co-founder (with George Soros) of the Quantum Fund, and Chairman of Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests, Inc.


Gene Epstein


"PRS is the only authoritative source of country risk analysis, with its comprehensive database, which is reliable and validated across countries and over time and reflected in its widespread usage."

Dr Manas Paul

Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad

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Free Sample Information Request

Before you download our free samples, please help us to serve you better by providing us information about yourself and your needs. The PRS Group will not share this information with anyone.

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