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Unique Empirical Observations to Further the Literature

Isolating key geopolitical risk metrics in order to ascertain their impact on various political and economic phenomena is de riguer for serious academic inquiry.

Responding to client demand, PRS now provides unique data bundles to those used most often in the scholarly literature and elsewhere. These bundles cover 15-years of data at the monthly level, and the data bundles are delivered to the client’s email.

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Internal Conflict Bundle

Choose any 10 ICRG covered countries and the three subcomponents, comprising the data supporting the risk of Civil War, Terrorism, and Civil Disorder.

External Conflict Bundle

Select any 10 ICRG covered countries and the three subcomponents, including the data accompanying the risk of War, Cross-Border Conflict, and Foreign Pressures.

Overall Conflict Bundle

With this bundle, clients receive all the data series above relating to Internal and External Conflict, for any 10 countries, at a greater discounted rate.

Clients are increasingly focused on understanding the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact of their asset selections and overall portfolios and using credible data to make investment decisions that better align with their goals.

Fulfilling the data requirements for ESG investments requires a series that is measurable, thoroughly vetted and back-tested for accuracy, and sufficiently global in coverage so as to provide a solid baseline for cross country comparisons. It would be helpful, too, if the data’s credibility was appropriately prominent to be used by the world’s largest investors, multilateral groups, universities, and published in academic and trade journals.

The ESG data series from the International Country Risk Guide (ICRG) meets these requirements. Labelled as ‘the most authoritative’ geopolitical risk series available, the ICRG risk data series has been highly useful in the construction and guidance of ESG portfolios given the range of risk metrics used that touch upon such concerns as poverty and wealth distribution, joblessness, social turmoil, and overall democratic accountability.

For the complete ICRG series of 141 countries, you will receive monthly data from 1984 through the current month affecting all economic and financial risk ratings, and the following political risk ratings: corruption, democratic accountability, religious tensions, ethnic tensions, military in politics, and bureaucratic quality. In addition to the metrics available above, you will also receive monthly political risk data from 2001 through the current month on the risks related to unemployment, poverty, civil disorder, popular support, government stability, contract viability, and payment delays. As mentioned, these political risk categories are supplemented with ICRG’s economic and financial risk metrics, such as growth, inflation, budget and current account balances, along with external debt and currency sustainability. Unquestionably a potent combination of the best political risk data found anywhere.

This bundle includes the following:

Corruption: For any 10 ICRG covered countries, a single line series that involves an assessment of corruption within the political system, with a special focus on patronage, nepotism, secret party funding, and ties between politics and business. This is the same data that Transparency International has employed for the past two decades to partially inform its Annual Corruption Perceptions Index.

Investment Profile: For any 10 ICRG covered countries, this three-line series includes (1) ‘Contract Validity’ (e.g., the risk of unilateral contract modification, punitive regulations, and creeping expropriation); (2) ‘Repatriation’ (e.g., the ease with which profits can be transferred out of the host country); and (3) ‘Payment Delays,’ (e.g., the speed of receiving and exporting payments from the country).

Internal Conflict: For any 10 ICRG covered countries, this three-line series focuses on the risk of ‘Civil War’, ‘Terrorism,’ and ‘Civil Disorder’ (e.g., the risk of forms of social turmoil, including strike activity and political protests).

When combined, these data provide the most complete picture of the many ways in which corruption can affect a country’s political risk profile. The research opportunities and potential contributions to the literature are vast.

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financial post
the economist

“The ICRG data are comparable across countries, well established,
and have been widely used in the empirical literature.”

TS Sedik and R Xu

‘A Vicious Cycle: How Pandemics Lead to Economic Despair and
Social Unrest,’IMF Working Paper, October 2020.


Dr Jin-young Kwak

Vice-Chair of South Korea’s Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission

"One of the most striking features of the [ICRG] data is the strong relationship between bureaucratic efficiency and political stability."

Eatzaz Ahmad, et al.

“Does Corruption Affect Economic Growth?” Latin American Journal of Economics, Vol 49, No 2, 2012: 277–305.

“Owing to its comprehensive sample and comparability over time, the ICRG corruption index is a standard measure of public sector corruption in empirical studies based on panel estimations.”

D Wenzel

‘Droughts and Corruption,’ Public Choice 189, 3-29 (2021).

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Before you download our free samples, please help us to serve you better by providing us information about yourself and your needs. The PRS Group will not share this information with anyone.

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