INVESTIR – August 2019 Edition

When time permits, have a look at the latest edition of 'INVESTIR: Insights from the International Country Risk Guide' for August. From Italy’s latest political uncertainty, to anti-Putin protests; improving fundamentals in Moldova, to continuing dissent in Hong Kong amid mainland equity buying. Read Entire Entry

Iraq – Impasse Broken, but Risks Remain

Fully eight months after securing confirmation as prime minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi has still not managed to completely fill out his Cabinet. However, he did finally secure approval of his nominees to head the ministries of Interior, Defense, and Justice, thereby at least temporarily averting a Read Entire Entry

Zimbabwe – Under Pressure to Obtain Results

Officials had hoped that the introduction of a new currency, the RTGS, supported by a $500 million loan from the Afreximbank would create a path to economic stability, but the exercise has proven to be another failed attempt to restore market confidence. Substantial devaluation on the parallel Read Entire Entry

Coming Soon in Our August 2019 Political Risk Reports

PRS’ coverage of the Americas this month includes updates on Chile and Colombia, and a revised report on Argentina, which will hold presidential and legislative elections in October.  The report will examine the results of primary elections scheduled for August 11 that could have a significant Read Entire Entry

From the CEO – July 2019

Christopher McKee, PhD, Chief Executive of The PRS Group, Inc.
Dear Clients, Despite being kept busy with the various happenings in the world of political risk, the summer months are always savored as it gives us some time for other pursuits and for reflection. The benefit of our business is that the multi-faceted nature of political risk creates a very Read Entire Entry

Saudi Arabia – Teflon Crown Prince

The diplomatic reverberations of the notorious murder of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi by government agents at Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Turkey last October have not died down completely. However, despite credible evidence that the killing was ordered by the kingdom’s de facto ruler, Read Entire Entry

Coming Soon in Our July 2019 Political Risk Reports

This month’s coverage of the Americas includes updates on Brazil and Canada, as well as a fully revised report on the United States, which faces a period of intense (and potentially dangerous) political polarization as the rival parties prepare for a November 2020 presidential election that many Read Entire Entry

From the CEO – June 2019

Christopher McKee, PhD, Chief Executive of The PRS Group, Inc.
Dear Clients, In my discussions with PRS clients and other interested parties, the conversation often centers itself on two different levels: On the one hand, there is the largely symbolic, political level, which is generally devoid of excessive detail, but which makes interesting conversation and Read Entire Entry

Norway – Arctic Drilling Remains off the Agenda

In April, the center-left Ap definitively ruled out any chance that it might allow drilling for oil and gas near the islands of Lofoten, Senja, and Vesteralen in the Arctic Sea if it forms the government after the 2021 general election. The Ap’s declaration is of immediate importance because it Read Entire Entry

Guinea – Election Delay Jeopardizes Stability

A political truce concluded in mid-2018 helped to calm domestic tensions, but the respite proved temporary, and a renewed eruption of violent protests prompted officials to postpone legislative elections that were scheduled to take place in January. The government’s failure to adhere to the terms Read Entire Entry