Finland – Climate Strategy a Key Fault Line

The ideological diversity of Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s coalition government poses the main risk to policymaking and political stability in the parliamentary term that runs to 2023, and the recent rise in the popularity of the main opposition liberal-conservative KOK will hardly bolster the Read Entire Entry

New Zealand – Labour Stays Strong

The government’s capable management of the COVID-19 pandemic has helped to sustain popular support for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her center-left Labour Party, which last October became the first party to win an outright parliamentary majority since the introduction of the MMP voting Read Entire Entry

INVESTIR – October 2021 Edition

The October 2021 edition of INVESTIR: Insights from the International Country Risk Guide is now available. Investment flows to Canada recede again; Macron’s support inches higher; spiking COVID infections plague parts of Eastern Europe; DRC’s new foreign exchange reserves; opposition gains in Read Entire Entry

From the CEO – October 2021

Christopher McKee, PhD, Chief Executive of The PRS Group, Inc.
Dear Clients, One of the major developments this week on the international stage is the COP26 summit in Glasgow. As is well known, the summit is designed to bring together parties to accelerate collective action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Read Entire Entry

Peru – Leftist Agenda Faces Roadblocks

Pedro Castillo, the candidate of the leftist Free Peru, eked out a victory over his far-right opponent, Keiko Fujimori, in a presidential run-off election held in early June. Fujimori challenged the result, alleging fraud, but the official tally confirmed Castillo’s victory. The leader of the Read Entire Entry

INVESTIR – September 2021 Edition

The September 2021 edition of INVESTIR: Insights from the International Country Risk Guide is now available. Bahamas’ sizable debt load; bitcoin protests in El Salvador; coalition negotiations in Germany; Russia’s questionable election; Guinea’s military junta promises a vote; political Read Entire Entry

Azerbaijan – Simmering Tensions

It is now more than nine months on since Russia brokered a truce that halted a six-week mini-war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. While the presence of some 2,000 Russian peacekeepers has helped to prevent a renewed eruption of widespread conflict, little progress has been made toward hammering out Read Entire Entry

Coming Soon in Our October 2021 Political Risk Reports

PRS’ coverage of the Americas this month includes a fully revised report on El Salvador and updates on Bolivia and the United States, where political polarization is impeding the national effort to bring the COVID-19 crisis under control and has raised the specter of a completely unnecessary Read Entire Entry

From the CEO – September 2021

Christopher McKee, PhD, Chief Executive of The PRS Group, Inc.
Dear Clients, Towards the end of last year, I was asked about some of the political risks that we should be aware of as 2021 unfolds. Forecasts, as it were. The query came alongside the annual ‘top ten’ lists that some risk firms offer for the coming 12 months. The pandemic was in full swing, Read Entire Entry

Sweden – Re-formed Government Still Fragile

The center-left government headed by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s SAP was toppled from office by a confidence vote in June, as the Left Party, one of three parties keeping the minority administration in power, withdrew its support to protest plans to ease rent controls as a means of addressing Read Entire Entry