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A Legacy of Value & Integrity

COVID-19 and the process of de-globalization is upon us. Spheres of regional influence, regulations, and endogenous risk will gain momentum.

Interestingly, the challenges ahead are not that different from those confronted by traders and investors prior to the last wave of globalization in the 19th century when commerce between Europe and Asia blossomed.

For over 40 years, our proprietary CREF have provided clients with regime probability scenarios spanning 18-month and five-year time periods, complete with the likelihood of more than a dozen government actions that could prove injurious to assets and commercial enterprises, from social turmoil to exchange controls, to tariffs to outright expropriation.

Carefully Curated and Globally Acclaimed

A “geopolitical & economic analysis” is carefully curated along with a decade of historical financial, economic and social data to help steer the planning process . The CREF methods are derived from the globally-acclaimed Coplin-O’Leary political and country risk rating system – the original data-driven technique for assessing risk.

Consistently tested for accuracy since the early 1990s, all 100 CREF’s covered are indispensable to corporate planning, asset valuation, bond pricing, and academic pursuits.

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A monthly Political Risk Letter for CREF is also available. This 16-page monthly newsletter summarizes the latest forecasts for economic and political changes affecting international business. Each issue includes brief text highlights of more than 15 newly revised reports as well as a summary table of 18-month and 5-year risk ratings and forecasts for all 100 countries.

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Purchasing a subscription to the Political Risk Yearbook provides access to the most recent country report for each of the countries covered.

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A subscription to World Service provides access to the most recent CREF for each country and updates throughout the year. You’ll also receive access to our Political Risk Letter, Country Databanks in Excel format, and our Country Forecasts Tables.

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Individual CREF provide a year of updates for each report purchased.

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Private Client Advantage (PCA)

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“A consistent methodology… expert judgment from their analysts.”

The IMF Executive Board

Policy Paper, January 2014

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