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Independently acclaimed as the ‘most reliable,’ ‘forward-looking’ of all quant-driven political risk ratings and forecasts.  Trusted for over forty years by the world’s financial, governmental and academic elite.

Our firm has been interviewed or quoted by such publications as Bloomberg, The Wall Street JournalGlobal Finance, LatinFinance, Institutional Investor, Euromoney, Reuters, CIO, INC Magazine, International Resource JournalIn The Black and African Business Journal.

Below are some of our recent appearances in the media:

Furceri, D et al. “Managing The Political Economy Of Climate Change Policies – Analysis” IMFBlog. 5 August 2021.

Bickley, S, Chan, H, Skali, A et al. “How does globalization affect COVID-19 responses?” Global Health 1757 (2021).

CIPE.ORG.Corporate Anti Bribery and Corruption Compliance Capacity Survey Report.” Proshare NG. 14 March 2021

Bhagat, Sanjai. “Where There’s Rule of Law There’s More Growth, Less Inequality.” 22 September 2020

Bird, Mike. “Total Seizure in Global Tourism Is a Lingering Threat for Emerging Markets.The Wall Street Journal. 10 August 2020

Herrera, Ordoñez, and Trebesch. “Popular governments may be a sign of future financial crises.” LSE Business Review. 19 March 2020

Staff Correspondent. “TI Corruption Index 2019: Bangladesh moves three notches up.” The Daily Star. 24 January 2020

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Satar, Datuk Seri Akhbar. “Assessing our war on graft.” New Straits Times. 16 December 2019

Manganello, Kristin. “How to Navigate Export Risks: A Planning Guide for International Business Opportunities.Thomasnet. 19 September 2019

Bharali, I and Gill, I. “Measuring the gap between ability and effort in domestic revenue mobilization.The Brookings Institution. 29 April 2019

Al-Ubaydli, Omar. “Why are investors so interested in Saudi Arabia?” Al Arabiya. 28 April 2019

Mintz, Jack. “Trudeau going soft on SNC-Lavalin’s corruption could cost Canada a lot.” Financial Post. 15 March 2019

Dahl, Bill. “Corruption in Mexico 2019: SWJ Interview with Dr. Jose Ivan Rodriguez Sanchez.Small Wars Journal. 11 February 2019

Iftekharuzzaman, Dr. “Bangladesh descends in corruption ranking.The Daily Star. 30 January 2019

Saigal, Kanika. “MINING | Mozambique, Glittering graphite.The Africa Report. December 2018/January 2019

Villamil, Justin. “Risk Consultant PRS Plays Down Risk of Bolsonaro’s Populist Past.” Bloomberg. 5 October 2018

McMahon, Fred. “Shrink the government, uphold the law, enjoy the economic gains.The Hill. 4, October 2018

Saigal, Kanika. “Ethiopia pushes its privatization agenda.” Euromoney. 4 October 2018

Serkin, Gavin. “Zimbabwe’s Elections: Lost Opportunity?” Africa Global Funds. 4.9 (2018): 16-17

Keeler, Dan. “This Week on the Frontiers, September 8th 2018.The Wall Street Journal: Frontier Markets. 7 September 2018

Mishra, Richa. “India looks to keep Iran oil lines open in face of US sanctions.” The Hindu Business Line. 21 August 2018

Saeed Azhar, Katie Paul, and Maha El Dahan. “Saudi Arabia’s deepening row with Canada threatens to scare off regime’s already nervous foreign investors.” Financial Post. 8 August 2018

Saeed Azhar, Katie Paul, and Maha El Dahan. “Saudi-Canada row could further rattle foreign investors eyeing kingdom.” Reuters. 8 August 2018

Farai Shawn Matiashe and Lynsey Chutel. “The show of force by Zimbabwe’s military this election is about their own power, not politics.” Quartz Africa. 2 August 2018

Gabriele Steinhauser and Bernard Mpofu. “Incumbent Wins Zimbabwe Presidential Vote Amid Rising Tensions.” The Wall Street Journal. 2 August 2018

Marawanyika, Godfrey, et al. “Mnangagwa elected president of Zimbabwe.” The Straits Times. 4 August 2018

Joe Brock and MacDonald Dzirutwe. “Observers Condemn Army Violence as Zimbabwe Awaits Election Result.” Reuters. 2 August 2018

Annifred Solomon. “Pakistan polls: Will ‘sympathy’ for Sharif overwhelm Army support for Imran?The Week. 25 July 2018

Natasha Turak. “Terrorism, corruption and Chinese investment: The stakes in Pakistan’s second-ever democratic election.CNBC. 25 July 2018

Natasha Turak. “More turmoil in Iraq as deadly protests ravage oil-rich south.CNBC. 19 July 2018

Parfitt, Tom “Oil price CRISIS: Global oil prices to SOAR as violent clashes continue in Iraq.Daily Express. 19 July 2018

Bloomberg, L.P. “Bloomberg Live Blog: Pakistan General Election.” 16 July 2018

Netty Idayu Ismail and Arif Sharif. “Bond Yields Are Juicy, But Don’t Hide Lebanon’s Debt Burden.” 12 July 2018

Natasha Turak.  “More than 100 politicians have been murdered in Mexico ahead of Sunday’s election.” CNBC. 26 June 2018

Natasha Turak.  “Molotov cocktails and state-led violence: How Nicaragua is slipping into Venezuela-crisis territory.” CNBC. 15 June 2018


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