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Coming Soon: Our April Reports

Our Asia coverage this month includes a special report on Myanmar, which will include an analysis of the April 1 by-elections and the composition of the new parliament. Aung San Suu Kyi’s greater role in the country’s politics will also be discussed, along with the prospect of sanctions being removed in the near future. Additionally, for investors, ICRG will consider the amendments to the foreign investment act, which take effect in April, adjustments to the foreign exchange rate, and the immense opening up of the economy over the past half year as more firms have registered to do business in Myanmar over that period than during the previous decade.
PRS will also look at Thailand. One of the issues we’ll focus on is overall executive stability and the various cabinet shuffles (the first being in January and another expected in May) since they underscore the sharp polarization between supporters of former premier Thaksin and his opponents who are backed by the top military brass and royalist urban elite.
In Africa, ICRG will focus on…
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