The International Country Risk Guide (ICRG)

Jim Rogers
Co-founder (with George Soros) of the Quantum Fund, and Chairman of Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests, Inc.


Acclaimed as the ‘most authoritative in the field,’ with ‘great predictive value,’ the International Country Risk Guide provides a global clientele with political, economic, and financial risk ratings and forecasts for its universe of 140 developed, emerging, and frontier markets.

The globe’s leading investors and transnational firms rely on our data and analyses to extract the part of the sovereign credit spread that is due to political risk – even for countries with no issuance history.

Traders and portfolio managers, with trillions in assets under management, use ICRG’s ratings and risk metrics to allocate country exposure as the data have been shown to be predictive of equity market returns. Transnational firms and others use ICRG for risk management given its predictive capacity for future risk events. ICRG is a proven early warning system.

Moreover, ICRG is the only political risk methodology and data series to be accepted by the courts in commercial disputes involving the valuation of political risk. ICRG remains one of a dozen firms, worldwide, to supply Transparency International (TI) with corruption scores that help inform the organization’s annual Corruption Perceptions Index. Our data partnership with TI dates some 20 years.

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Unprecendented Value

Acclaimed in such publications as Barron’s, The Economist, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal, the independent research using ICRG data has uncovered numerous findings, including insights into:

  • The timing of central bank intervention in the foreign exchange markets;
  • The relationship between capital flow restrictions and corporate bond spreads; and,
  • Foreign exchange regimes and country financial vulnerability.

There are a number of added benefits to a subscription for ICRG, such as:

  • The longest running data series for political risk and country risk analysis, globally;
  • Data which is easy to customize and merge with in-house risk rating systems; and,
  • Country risk data that includes Type-II forecasts over one- and five-year time horizons for added specificity in forecasting risk.

Client Offerings

More details about some of our ICRG products

  • International Country Risk Guide (ICRG) is published online, in print, and on CD-ROM. Each monthly issue monitors 140 countries and includes more than 100 pages of political, financial, and economic risk ratings.
  • It provides analyses of events that affect the risk ratings in about 20-25 countries along with the economic and financial data underlying financial and economic risk ratings.
  • The online and CD-ROM versions include the current issue and 12 months of previously published data. All digital subscribers to ICRG also receive a monthly edition of the Global Maps of Political Risk, pointing them to key changes in risk since the last issue.
  • ICRG Data including current data published in the monthly ICRG issue and historical data (risk ratings and economic statistics) back to 1984, are available separately in digital formats, and on CountryData Online (CDO).
  • Prepared ICRG Datasets offer average annual scores of selected ICRG risk ratings, giving academic researchers a more convenient and affordable way to purchase our risk scores.
  • International Country Risk Guide Annual is a seven-volume set published annually, designed for university libraries, to provide cost-effective access to ICRG’s coverage of 140 countries over the previous twelve months. For more information on this and related publications for academia, please go to Academic Titles.

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