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NEW RELEASE: RDS 3Ba – Political Risk by Subcomponent

Tremendous client demand over the past year has encouraged us to release PRS’ 5th in the Researchers’ Datasets (RDS) series: Political Risk by Subcomponent ( 3Ba).
This dataset offers annual averages (since 2001) of the 15-political risk subcomponents of 140 countries from the International Country Risk Guide (ICRG). The most granular approach to overall risk geopolitical assessment delivers a thoroughly vetted, quant-based look at the building blocks of government stability, the bases for a country’s socioeconomic health; the key risks facing business and investment, from contract repudiation to transfer and payment delays; to the increasingly important role that local and international politics plays in relation to forms of internal dissent (strike activity, terrorism, civil war) and to global relations (cross border conflict, sanctions).
With a more nuanced look at those metrics used most often in the scholarly literature to assess geopolitical risk, RDS 3Ba provides unmatched insights at a tremendous value.
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