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Petr Necas

Czech Republic: Prime Minister since June 2010
Despite leading his party to a second-place finish at the May 2010 election, the leader of the ODS (Civic Democrats) was sworn in as prime minister in June 2010 after reaching a coalition agreement with the conservative TOP 09 (Tradition Responsibility Prosperity 09) and the populist VV (Public Affairs). Necas has only been party leader for a few months and has yet to demonstrate whether he is capable of handling the challenges posed by the factional divisions within the ODS, the meddling of President Klaus (who still wields significant influence among elements in his former party), and the demands of his coalition partners. His government faces the most immediate task of imposing painful austerity measures, which brings the added danger of an anti-government backlash that strains the unity of the coalition.
Necas was born on November 19, 1964, in Uherské Hradiště. He attended college at Masaryk University, and entered politics in 1991. He was appointed deputy defense minister in 1995, and the following year won a seat in the Chamber of the Deputies for the first time. Necas was named deputy prime minister and minister of labor and social affairs in the government formed by Topolanek after the June 2006 elections, and succeeded Topolanek as leader of the ODS in March 2010.


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