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Labelled as ‘the most authoritative’ geopolitical risk data series in the industry, PRS’ position remains unrivaled.

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Trusted by the world’s leading investment houses, multilateral organizations, central banks, transnational firms, and universities for 45 years, PRS’ quant-driven geopolitical risk data, ratings, and forecasts continue to provide untold opportunities for both academic and applied research.

Appearing consistently in scholarly and trade journals since the 1980s, PRS holds the distinction of being the only geopolitical risk firm whose work has successfully bridged the worlds of academe, investment, commerce, and public policy.

Our data have been shown to be predictive of risk events, correlated with numerous political and economic phenomena, and linked to asset behavior, thereby allowing investment managers and corporate risk planners to adopt a more selective approach to country exposure for portfolio and tactical decisions.

From technology firms, to pharmaceuticals, to resource extraction companies operating in a multitude of countries, PRS’ work has consistently provided a measure of balance and analytical rigor to corporate planning, asset valuation, and insurance underwriting.

No other firm occupies this mantle.

Our clients know it.

  • 1979

    Established in 1979

  • 150+

    Countries Covered

  • 200+

    Risk Metrics Used

  • 5M+

    Data Points


The World’s Preeminent Source

The International Country Risk Guide (ICRG) is cited as ‘the most authoritative,’ ‘forward-looking,’ and ‘market-tested’ geopolitical-risk series globally.

The ICRG offers a 45+ year data series comprising some 200 individual geopolitical risk metrics adjusted daily and updated monthly for 141 developed, emerging, and frontier markets and offshore financial centers.

Trusted by the world’s largest investors, central banks, transnational firms, and universities, ICRG data are cited consistently in leading scholarly and trade journals and continues to yield unique empirical findings relevant to the world of geopolitical risk.

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  • CountryData Online (CDO)

    Over 6 million geopolitical risk data points inform the world’s longest running series. Endless possibilities, elegantly delivered.

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  • Country Reports & Economic Forecasts (CREF)

    Probabilistic regime scenarios over 18-month and 5-year horizons. Independently back-tested for accuracy.

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  • PRS Geopolitical Artificial Intelligence

    Unparalleled insights delivered in concert with the globe’s academic elite.

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  • ICRG Data Bundles

    From corruption to conflict and investment risk, granularized data that meets every need.

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  • Private Client Advantage (PCA)

    A more nuanced look at geopolitical risk when individuality is warranted.

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  • Quid Periculum?

    Academic findings and perspectives from the world’s leading scholars and practitioners.

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“Political and country risk analysis becomes truly incomparable when it can be quantified over time and across jurisdictions; when it can yield exceptional empirical findings; and when it can be applied to the behavior and protection of assets.”

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Christopher McKee, PhD

CEO & Owner


Moving beyond current opinions, a seasoned look into the most pressing issues affecting geopolitical risk today.


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