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Political and country risk assessment becomes particularly meaningful when it is quantified over time and between jurisdictions, and when it is applied to the behavior and protection of assets.

International Country Risk Guide (ICRG)

CountryData Online (CDO)

Political Risk Services (PRS)

PRS Artificial Intelligence Initiative

For over 40 years, The PRS Group has been the trusted source for reliable, quant-driven political and country risk forecasts and ratings. LEARN MORE

Satellite Data Analysis Group

PRS has now embarked into the fields of remote sensing & image processing, spatial data analysis, and geographic information system (GIS) mapping. LEARN MORE

Litigation Support Group

How can the political risk premium on assets be quantified and accepted by the courts? How can the results aid in the litigation or settlement process? LEARN MORE

Anti-Corruption and Investment Climate Group

In 2016, PRS put into play its Anti-Corruption and Investment Climate (ACIC) group. LEARN MORE

Private Client Advantage

Political risk is profitable. The key is to harness the power of risk and translate that force into investible actions. LEARN MORE

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For over 40 years, PRS’ unique, quant-driven political and country risk analyses, forecasting, and data series have been the world’s leader.

PRS makes political risk commercially relevant to firms and investors with asset portfolios and operations on the ground, and to the globe’s leading researchers and scientists.

PRS is able to price political risk, predict it with confidence, and see past and future patterns among both countries and risk metrics. Our risk portfolios have returned over 20%, beating the market with less volatility and less risk! No other firm has such accomplishments. Our clients know it.

From the world’s leading institutional investors – with trillions in assets under management – to central banks, multilateral organizations, transnational firms, and leading academics, PRS’ clients know how to challenge risk and make it work for them.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Professor Kwabena Kesse

ICRG ‘is forward-looking and reflects political risk as opposed to an aggregate or broad measure of country risk which also incorporates macro-economic factors.’ ‘[T]here is ample evidence in the literature that it correctly reflects that adverse effects of political risk on investment values across countries.’
‘Sovereign Risk Channels and Exchange Rates,’ Quarterly Journal of Finance and Accounting, 2017.


“…a widely used indicator to capture institutional and political risk.”
Nepal: Selected Issues, Country Report No. 20/97, February 28, 2020

Giuseppe Sette, MBA

From managers of long/short US funds to cocoa commodity traders, all investors seek advance warnings of shifts in the geopolitical landscape. Christopher’s work on quantifying political risk is truly unique in the alternative data landscape. With over 40 years of data and a global coverage, PRS is a permanent favourite among TOGGLE users to gauge the political risk in their portfolios.
President, TOGGLE (NYC/London)

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