From the CEO – July 2020

Christopher McKee, PhD, Chief Executive of The PRS Group, Inc.
Dear Clients, One of the benefits of having the longest running and independently back-tested geopolitical risk series globally is that it lends itself to a range of applications and uses, from asset trading and portfolio management, to risk mitigation (more…) Read Entire Entry

INVESTIR – June 2020 Edition

The June 2020 edition of INVESTIR: Insights from the International Country Risk Guide is now available. From Germany’s rising success to Mexico’s deteriorating security and investment climate. Things get interesting in Belarus, as Macron faces a dilemma in Paris. The sustainability of Read Entire Entry

Coming Soon in Our July 2020 Political Risk Reports

In addition to fully revised reports on Colombia and Cuba, PRS’ coverage of the Americas this month includes updates on Canada and Brazil, where President Jair Bolsonaro’s popularity has been weakened by corruption allegations against members of his family and a growing perception that he badly Read Entire Entry

Taiwan – Beijing Threat Looms Large

As pre-election polls indicated would be the case, incumbent President Tsai Ing-wen won a second four-year term at the presidential contest held in January, taking 57.1% of the vote, compared to just 38.6% for Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu, the candidate of the KMT. Tsai’s nominally pro-independence Read Entire Entry