Australia – Crisis Response Boosts Morrison

The center-right government made up of the LP, the NP, and their state counterparts in Queensland and the Northern Territory got off to a rocky start following an unexpected win at the federal elections held in May 2019, but the health crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic has provided an Read Entire Entry

INVESTIR – January 2021 Edition

The January 2021 edition of INVESTIR: Insights from the International Country Risk Guide is now available. Chile purchases USD; Peru’s forthcoming election; Russian protests; a tactical move by Italy’s Conte; security forces win in Uganda; instability in Malaysia and Mongolia; heightened Read Entire Entry

Coming Soon in Our February 2021 Political Risk Reports

PRS’ coverage of the Americas this month includes updates on recent developments in Cuba and Honduras and fully revised reports on Argentina and Peru, which is gearing up for presidential and legislative elections in April. Hopes that the elections might usher in a period of welcome stability Read Entire Entry

From the CEO – January 2021

Christopher McKee, PhD, Chief Executive of The PRS Group, Inc.
Dear Clients, Over the past decade, it’s been commonplace among those in the investment and multilateral communities to regard the traditional distinction between developed and emerging markets as irrelevant to modern, commercial times. Unlike the 80s and 90s when the balance sheets of many Read Entire Entry