AI: The future of geopolitical risk

Would you like a look at the future of geopolitical risk?
An AI-driven approach that combines PRS’ longstanding quant-driven metrics with other data to offer investible actions for discretionary asset managers?
It’s arrived.
Backed by famed investor Stanley Druckenmiller (who, with George Soros, broke the pound in ’82) and a variety of well-known family offices, global macro asset managers, and computer analytics specialists, Toggle has partnered with The PRS Group – the world’s leader in quant-driven risk analyses and forecasts – to offer something that is truly revolutionary in the connection between political risk and investing.
Have a look and be sure to give us a call, there will be more updates as we roll out this new offering.


Moving beyond current opinions, a seasoned look into the most pressing issues affecting geopolitical risk today.


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