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Sovereign Debt, Default, Growth and Fiscal Crises

geopolitical risk ratings firm

What are some of the implications of sovereign defaults and debt workouts to economic growth and fiscal crises?

Using our ICRG data, some very interesting working papers from the IMF and the Bank of Italy have some significant conclusions:

1/ Defaults are correlated with contraction of short-term output growth. But those countries with a higher proportion of official debt restructured have experienced higher growth in the long run.

2/ A larger share of debt held by the nonofficial sector is associated with a higher probability of a debtor country running into a fiscal crisis, and that the magnitude of the negative impact is larger at higher debt levels. Moreover, countries with a larger share of debt held by nonresidents are more likely to run into a fiscal crisis, and the magnitude of the estimated positive impact is larger at higher debt levels.

Our data are always relevant to investors, business and academics.  Back-tested since the 1980s and appearing in a range of academic and trade journals since then, PRS’ quant-driven geopolitical risk rating and forecasting series remains unparalleled in the alt-data field.

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